the reason for being sugar baby

Why Do You Want to Be a Sugar Daddy/Baby?

"Why do you want to be a sugar daddy/baby?" If you ask this question, you will get a variety of answers. Different people have different reasons for becoming a sugar baby/daddy. But there are a few main reasons. The personal experiences of 7 sugar babies show you "Why do you want to be a sugar baby?”

According to statistics on sugar daddy websites, many sugar babies are young women (usually college students) who are willing to be companions of older, rich and mature men because they need not only money but also good things in life.

"I want to be a sugar baby because I like this kind of attention. It's a great thing to have someone who completely spoils you and spends sweet time with you. I will go to school and work. At the same time I want to be taken care. It's not only the money and the luxuries and all for me it's the experience. ”— Sugar Baby Arianna

"I just ended a three-year relationship. My ex-boyfriend was unemployed for more than one year. In order to take care of him, I have accumulated more than $7,000 in credit card debt, and I have not received his thanks or cherish. Now, I want to experience being loved by others. "—Sugar Baby Melissa

"I am a supermarket employee and my income can barely make a living. I want to play the piano, but I cannot afford the cost of studying. If someone can help me financially and enable me to realize my dream, why shouldn't I do it? Even if I will become someone's "toy" or something similar, I am willing to try to get rid of difficulties and achieve goals."—Sugar Baby Jasmine

"I'm actually not a novice. I've been dating all the time. I'm good at socializing with people. Others find me interesting and smart. I try to socialize with different people. Now I want to find an older sugar daddy. Although money is always good, it is not only related to finance. I want to accompany, communicate, learn and grow."—Sugar Baby Gina

"As a mother who is raising two children alone, the burden of life is so heavy that I can't lift my head. I hope someone can take care of me and let me breathe. I'm willing to give some benefits in exchange for a lighter life burden. If we get along well, maybe we can develop the sugar relationship into a long-term relationship."—Sugar Baby Christa

"As a prospective adult, I am eager to live independently. But I know that with my own efforts, I cannot achieve the goals of life. I need money, but the money will not be sent by Santa Claus. I want to succeed. With the help of sugar daddy, this idea may be realized soon."—Sugar Baby Sarah

"I want to be a sugar baby, because many friends around me are sugar babies. They live luxurious and comfortable life. I also want it (living in a beautiful house; don't worry about credit card bills; spend freely; enjoy happy vacations...).”—Sugar Baby Ruby

To sum up, why do you want to be a sugar baby? The reasons for being a sugar baby may be: economic reasons; for a better life; out of curiosity or fun; for gaining experience; for companionship or friendship, etc. Most sugar babies can get good sugar daddy allowances. Either reason is understandable.

If you ask "Why do you want to be a sugar daddy?” many people will give the following explanation:

The typical sugar daddies/mommas are middle-aged, economically and materially stable, or single, married, separated or divorced, looking for quality companions or friends.

They may not be able to enjoy regular dating because they are too busy, or they may prefer to experience different appointments. They are willing to pay money or material in exchange for an exciting, interesting, and simple sugar relationship.

According to the personal experiences of many sugar babies, many of the rich sugar daddies they met were people with rich life experiences, a wide range of hobbies, and broad friendships, and were willing to help young and poor sugar babies.

When they pamper their sugar babies with gifts and money, almost every sugar daddy wants to have sex, intimacy, affection, in-depth communication and appreciation. You can hardly find a sugar daddy that just wants to maintain Plato's relationship and doesn't want to have sex. If you don’t like having sex with sugar daddy, then maybe you are not fit for a sugar lifestyle. You should think it well before you choose to be a sugar baby.

"Why do you want to be a sugar daddy/baby?" The answer to this question varies from person to person. Before you choose to become a sugar baby you need to have a full understanding of sugar baby, sugar daddy, sugar dating, and sugar relationship. You need to know what you will gain and what you will pay. Be prepared in thought and action, and then you can enjoy a simple and happy sugar relationship.

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