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What Can You Get From Your Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby?

Some people do not understand what they should give and what they can get before becoming sugar daddies or sugar babies. This blog answers the question of "What is a sugar baby?" "What can sugar baby get?" "What does sugar baby do?" After reading it you will know "What can you get from your sugar daddy/ sugar baby?"

What is sugar baby?

Sugar baby has become a "popular vocabulary" in recent years. You may have heard of it, but you don't have a detailed understanding of it.

The general definition of sugar baby

Sugar baby is usually young, charming, smart, active women or men. They usually need support and live in embarrassment. They get money, gifts or care from wealthy and elderly men or women by providing companionship and intimacy.

People's perception of sugar baby

Sugar baby usually find sugar daddy through bars, parties, online dating sites, sugar daddy apps, etc. According to the statistics of sugar daddy dating site, sugar babies are mostly young women aged 18-25. A large part of them want to get money for tuition, rent, credit card bills, clothes, books, transportation.

Even if the sugar relationship is controversial, it is never equivalent to escort or prostitution. It is more about the emotional commitment and time return. An experienced sugar baby said that money is worthless without friendship and fun, and emotional work is more challenging.

What can sugar baby get?

Sugar baby may get tropical holidays, organic food, cleaning lady, pedicure, and all kinds of weird things they want.

  • Gifts:Sugar daddy usually gives sugar baby a lot of gifts, such as cars, houses, clothes, watches, jewelry, lipstick, electronics, luxury goods, etc.

  • Cash: Sugar daddy will give sugar baby money, may be according to the agreed weekly, monthly cash, or shopping money given at any time.

  • Luxury holidays: Sugar daddy funds the cost of sugar baby travel. They will travel together and spend their holidays. Or sugar baby enjoys luxury travel herself (shopping in Milan, traveling in the Maldives, gambling in Las Vegas, going to Broadway, Bali...).

  • Career guidance:Rich people are actually very interesting people. They travel more than the average person, are proficient in politics, and have some interesting life experiences. Some sugar daddies are willing to share their own successful experience and teach you how to succeed and how to realize your dreams.

  • Life partner:Sugar daddy will take care of sugar baby's life and give emotional comfort. This may be a short-term relationship, or after a pleasant time, it has developed into long-term relationship or marriage.

What should sugar baby do?

Although individual circumstances will be different, in a typical sugar relationship, sugar baby usually pays these:

  • Accompany:Sugar baby may be required to accompany sugar daddy to attend social, dine out, travel, date, etc.

  • Intimacy:Including kiss, hug, and sex.

  • Listen:When sugar daddy has such a demand, you are willing to listen to his ideas and give suggestions. Take care of all his needs properly. Ask "Where do you want to go?" they will answer promptly.

  • Remain mysterious:You can act smart and free. Work is fun, happy, busy, sexy, and mysterious…these are all descriptions of sugar baby. "I just want to see the world and do meaningful things." can be your belief.

Sugar daddy is good at making money and has no girlfriend. Take advantage of this and do some interesting things together. Shopping may not be the best option for dating, it is better to travel and take risks. Avoid living at home, and limit appointments to two or three times a week. This not only facilitates scheduling, but also retains mystery and keeps him interested in you.

Finally, I want to say that sugar relationship is not a sustainable lifestyle, it is an adventure. You’d better not to pay excessive attention to "What can you get from your sugar daddy/ sugar baby?” “The final journey is the most important". Just enjoy the dating.

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