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How to Start the First Conversation?

The time when men take the initiative to strike up a conversation is gone. In online dating, many women want to initiate a conversation first to get the attention of interested parties. Especially in sugar dating, many sugar babies have a clear purpose, and they are more willing to take the initiative to seek potential sugar daddies. So, how do you start the first conversation?

What should you pay attention to when sending the first message?


Some sugar daddies may find it troublesome to read long texts, so you should make your message concise, with details but not too long. The purpose of sending the message is to attract the attention of sugar daddy, not to make them eliminate you immediately because of your complicated expression.

Reflect the advantage

Even if your main purpose is for the sugar daddy allowance, don't show a fanaticism for money. Don't let him think that you are just for his money. Show them your advantages (how you will improve his life), and give him freshness. In this way, it will be easier for you to stand out from the millions of sugar babies on the sugar daddy dating site and get the favor of sugar daddy, so as to achieve your goal.

Show yourself

The first impression is important. Make sure that your image in sugar daddy's mind is smart, charming, and honest. You want him to know who you are. Browse his profile and write down important details to communicate directly with them. This will show them that you are taking this matter seriously and are sincere and polite.

Tell sugar daddy some interesting things about you. The information that is not in your profile will make him want to know you more.

Ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to get attention. Ask questions that require the other person to think and respond. Interact back and forth instead of just answering yes or no. Show that you are interested in him and want to know more about him.

Avoid very personal issues that can cause offense. When you have more contact, he may be willing to share more things about himself, so there is no need to worry.

What can I talk about in the first conversation?

Basic personal information

You should first understand what kind of person this potential sugar daddy is. Through dialogue to understand whether his personal information is true. Avoid being deceived or even hurt. Understand whether your needs can be agreed. After all, looking for sugar dating is actually looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. A positive influence from sugar daddy is the best ending.


You can talk about topics of mutual interest. Hobbies are a good starting point. It will reflect a person's character, lifestyle, etc. You can understand all aspects of him. If you have common interests, then you may have a good time.

Likes and dislikes

For example, discuss favorite animals, food, tourist destinations, travel methods, living environment, etc. These are all conducive to deepening your understanding of each other. You can even plan to try together.


Determined to be interested in each other, under the premise of mutual trust, you can share interesting things in life. If you have talked about your future plans, I believe that sugar daddy's rich experience can give you guidance, and your fresh life will bring different joys to sugar daddy.

Finding a good sugar daddy can take a lot of time and energy. But as long as you muster the courage, it is not difficult to start the first dialogue. With the initial exchange, there will be the possibility of further dating.

Most sugar daddies are often very good at expressing themselves as successful people, so sugar babies just need to be good listeners. In addition, communicating with people you are really interested in, making the conversation interesting can often go further. Through the sugar daddy website listed on our website, you can quickly find the sugar daddy you like.

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