How to Keep Your Sugar Daddy Interested?

Most sugar arrangements last about 6 months. "I have been with Brad for more than a year, and he shows no signs of losing interest. I think it has something to do with my way of getting along in this relationship." Do you want to learn how to keep sugar daddy interested?

This blog is the experience sharing of sugar baby. These tips are suitable for sugar babies who already have sugar daddies and want to keep them interested, and novices who want to attract the attention of sugar daddies.

1. Keep it fresh

If you just started dating on the sugar daddy website, you can send attractive photos or messages to your sugar daddy every once in a while. It ranges from "I miss you" or "I can't wait to see you" to a funny, cute or sexy photo.


Keep giving sugar daddy freshness and make him look forward to seeing you next time. Send intimate and sweet messages to make him realize your care and concern. The more mysterious and attractive you are, the more he is willing to spoil you. He will be generous to you whether it is money, gifts, or time.

2. Keep it mysterious

Don't lose yourself in sugar dating. "I get along well with Brad. He is not a stubborn, controlling person. I don't stick to him all the time. We may call and send text messages several times a week. Not exploring each other's itinerary makes us have topics when we meet. Our conversations are always interesting and full of surprises."

3. Care his feeling

When you dress up for sugar daddy, he will like it. "On a date with Brad, I bought new clothes and made a look he liked. He was very surprised and kept staring at me during dinner." If you prove to your sugar daddy that you care about his likes and are willing to surprise him, he will be grateful.

Know your sugar daddy. Understand his hobbies, likes and dislikes: favorite food, favorite places, quirks, favorite movies, favorite music, etc. A strong friendship is indispensable as part of any relationship. Common interests can make friendships last longer.


Act sincerely to show your sugar daddy your sincere feelings for him. Promote the conversation by actively listening; remember what he is interested in and understand it... Soon, you will find yourself in pleasure too, not just worrying about sugar daddy money.

4. Keep going

Sugar daddy is mostly a successful person. They may be better at getting along with people who are enterprising and share common topics. "Brad knows that I am a full-time college student. He will ask me about my studies and experience a sense of accomplishment in guiding my life and learning (even if it is a small thing)."

Sugar daddy can provide valuable advice and guidance for your studies and career, and they can even help you find an internship or job. So don't immerse yourself in the joy of sugar dating, don't lose your goals and ambitions, maybe your upward mobility is the reason sugar daddy is interested in you.

5. Always be grateful

Even if it is the 100th time that he gave you a gift, you still have to smile and say thank you. Sugar daddy is willing to spoil you, but he also wants you to realize his generosity. He will not be constantly asked for without getting anything in return. After all, the sugar relationship is actually a mutually beneficial relationship.


Don't take allowances, gifts, and fine dinners for granted. Many sugar babies join the sugar daddy website as a recipient, focusing only on what they can get from sugar daddy and how to get it. This is not a long-term relationship model. "When you are grateful after giving, you want to give more, don't you?"

6. Positive and optimistic

Sugar daddy looks for sugar babies, and what he wants is definitely not complaints and grievances about life. This may make them feel bored or even annoyed. Sugar daddy often wants to be happy and relaxed in sugar relationships, away from the boring work or the noisy and boring life. If you are used to talking about the unhappiness in life, look forward to repelling every real sugar daddy you encounter.

Happiness can be contagious and addictive. If you are an optimistic and cheerful sugar baby, and can make sugar daddy's life develop in a good direction, then sugar daddy will be more willing to be with you.

There are various types of sugar babies. If you are not lucky enough to attract high-quality sugar daddies, then you should focus on improving your personality and make yourself an irresistible sugar baby. Your strengths will attract sugar daddy to keep digging. The more interesting you are, the more interested sugar daddy will be.

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